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3rd Hong Kong Digital Advertising Industry Fresh Graduate Support Schem: Benefits Graduates
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Benefits of the Support Scheme to Graduate Applicant :

The Support Scheme provides graduates of related disciplines with an excellent opportunity to enter the fast-growing digital advertising industry with below support:
  • An online platform on the Support Scheme website for graduate applicants to upload their CVs and e-portfolios for potential employers' consideration
  • An awareness program comprising career talks, portfolio presentation event and open house event for graduates to acquire information on job types, working requirements, and prospects of working in this fast growing industry
  • Comprehensive training by employing companies to their graduate employees in the latter’s 12 months of employment under the Support Scheme
  • CEO/ Master talks for graduate employees as continuous training to update them on the latest trends, skill and knowledge of the industry
For graduate applicants who are interested in understanding more about Hong Kong’s digital advertising industry, they may visit the iDimSum launched by the HKAIM at http://www.idimsum.hk. Graduate applicants are recommended to read the company showcase section of the top digital advertising campaigns and the book of success cases of digital advertising campaigns to familiarize themselves with the industry.

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