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3rd Hong Kong Digital Advertising Industry Fresh Graduate Support Schem: Application Companies
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Company Applicant > Application Procedure

  • Interested digital advertising companies should read the “Guideline for Company Applicants” before submitting application
  • Company applicant may download the application form from the link above and return the completed form to gss@hkaim.org by the application deadline (17:00, 21 April 2017).
  • A Vetting Committee will review the company applications based on the relevance of business nature to the Support Scheme and track record of the company applicant, as well as the effectiveness of the training program to be provided by the company applicant to the graduate employee(s) under the Support Scheme as outlined in the application form.
  • Successful applicants will be notified of the application result (“Employing Companies”) and will be provided with a user password to access the online platform on the Support Scheme website for posting their job offerings and to review the CV and e-portfolio submitted by applying graduates under the Support Scheme.
  • If pre-employment interview with applying graduates is needed, it should be arranged by the Employing Company with the applying graduates directly.
  • Employing Company should inform the organizer within two weeks after they have successfully recruited the graduate employee(s) for the organizer to arrange release of salary subsidy after the graduate employee(s) reported duty.

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