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3rd Hong Kong Digital Advertising Industry Fresh Graduate Support Schem: Benefits Companies
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​Benefits of the Support Scheme to Employing Company :
  • Match up digital advertising companies with graduates from the related disciplines who have passion to enter the industry while the latter will receive 12-month full-time employment with on-the-job training from the employing digital advertising companies (“Employing Company”)
  • A monthly subsidy of HK$4,800 per graduate for Employing Companies to support the salary of their graduate employee(s) for a maximum of 12 months
  • Employing Company could apply to employ a maximum of 2 graduate employees under the Support Scheme in each program year, and the total number of subsidized graduate employee(s) to be covered by the Support Scheme for each Employing Company should not exceed 3 at any time in which the 3 quotas shall include graduate(s) employed under previous year (program year 2016) that are still yet to complete the 12 month placement.
  • A user-friendly online platform for Employing Companies to review potential graduate employees’ CVs & e-portfolios
  • Series of orientation and refreshment programs provided by the Organizer to help company meet potential graduate employees, and to update graduates on latest trends, working skills and knowledge about the digital advertising industry

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